Intelligent Process Controller

Intelligent Process Controller image

In a plant there are some variables you want to always keep constant. An example might be the temperature of a chemical reaction. But that is less than trivial, as there are many influencing factors you cannot control, such as the weather, quality of raw materials, or outages upstream of your production. And while common advanced process control (APC) software is meant to help you solve this problem, these packages have many limitations; for instance only a very low number of independent variables, difficult and effortful implementation, no automatic adjustment to changes, etc. Most prominently, you are usually required to perform step-change experiments with your plant leading to significant costs. With the Intelligent Process Controller (IPC), algorithmica technologies offers a solution to those shortcomings.

IPC uses our advanced machine learning algorithms to take into account all the influencing variables, no matter how many. It does not need any effortful “trial runs” to learn your plant – it does so from historical data. And it keeps learning and updating itself automatically in real time.

Best of all, IPC is so easy to implement and use, that it is a downloadable piece of software you can try out in your plant today, for free.