The high-speed, high-throughput automotive industry is an exciting, interesting business: it is massive, highly competitive, and is undergoing major upheavals. In the current business climate in the industry, only the best suppliers survive. Not only quality, but efficiency and cost-effectiveness have become crucial to the business. Additionally, high value is put on sustainability, and stringent regulations demanding decrease in raw materials used and waste produced.

Due to its innovation-driven nature, the automotive industry can also benefit immensely from the insights and optimizations enabled from the combination of big data and machine-learning algorithms. Our range of solutions tailored specifically towards the demands of high-speed, high-throughput production line manufacturing, can help automotive suppliers decrease critical machine events and maintenance costs, increase availability and reduce scrap production.

With our accurate scrap detection solution AQC you can decrease scrap costs by up to 30% and reliably remove scrap parts from the process. With APM, you can detect abnormal operations early on and thus reduce scrap production. With ISS, we can help you measure those things that are hard, expensive, or downright impossible to measure. IHM employs advanced machine learning to continuously monitor the health of your machinery, and alert you to undesirable changes.

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