Intelligent Soft Sensor

Intelligent Soft Sensor image

Nowadays we try to measure almost everything happening in a plant. Sensors are everywhere. But not everything you want to know can be measured with a physical sensor. What if efficiency was just a number you could look up? Some measurements are difficult and expensive enough to not be practical as a physical sensor. What if you could carry out the analysis of a chemical composition without taking a sample but merely by looking it up? That is what the Intelligent Soft Sensor (ISS) from algorithmica technologies makes possible.

ISS is not a physical sensor, but rather a computational model of one that is constructed based on historical data from your plant. It uses the power of big data and machine learning algorithms to accurately calculate the measurements you lack or cannot measure. The ISS software gets its data from an OPC server and then writes its result back to that server – just like a real sensor. You can then use this new measurement however you need it – for example, to run a machine-learning optimization.

Additionally, if you can formulate your soft sensor as a formula, then ISS makes it very easy to do this computation in real-time. An example is plant efficiency in which you sum up all sources and sinks in a definite formula.

And best of all, ISS is so easy to implement and use, that it is a downloadable piece of software you can try out in your plant today, for free.