Mission & Values

Mission & Values

At algorithmica technologies we apply advanced machine learning to discover actionable information in the overwhelming amounts of data generated by modern businesses. We glean simple, understandable and useful solutions that improve our customers' work. We help our customers make better decisions for their business, become more efficient, and achieve more. We make running an industrial plant easier and simpler.

In our practice we are guided by a set of six core values.

Simplicity: We simplify the work lives of our customers. Our products solve existing problems and don’t create new ones.

Ease of use: Our products are easy to implement and use, and make the work of our customers easier and simpler.

Honesty: We do not promise what is impossible. We do not sell what is unnecessary.

Openness: We are not secretive about what we do, how we do it, or why we do it. We are open with information.

Responsibility: Our products are environmentally and socially beneficial. We aim to benefit local communities and the environment, as well as businesses.

Creating value: We create tangible value for our customers. The results we deliver are concrete and measurable.